Tax Relief

Pathway Tax is a full-service tax resolution firm. Here are some of our main services:

Unfiled Tax Returns
Preparing prior tax returns can be difficult. But it is something that cannot be delayed. The IRS can impose severe penalties. At Pathway Tax, we know how to deal with unfiled returns, even if you have lost records.

Remove Tax Lien
One method the IRS has to collect on a tax debt is to use a tax lien. This means that your property will be subject to liquidation. What’s more, a lien can wreck your credit rating. But at Pathway, we now how to deal with such issues.

Audit Representation
An audit can be scary. And it can also be fraught with risk. But at Pathway Tax, we can represent you before the IRS.

Settle Back Taxes
The IRS has major powers for collections. This is why you need to be proactive with your back taxes (after all, the penalties and interest will continue to add up). But the good news is that we can effectively negotiate on your behalf, such as with obtaining a payment plan or an offer in compromise.

Stop Wage Garnishments
This is another enforcement action from the IRS – and it is very powerful. But there are ways to deal with garnishments, such as setting up payment options.

Innocent Spouse Relief
Has your spouse engaged in activities that impact you? Well, we can find ways to resolve the matter.

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